asdocx with pstest

pstest calculates and optionally graphs measures of the extent of balancing of variables in the specified varlist between two groups. pstest is a valuable addition to asdocx in response to numerous requests on Statalist and from asdocx users. The integration of pstest into asdocx is aimed at offering users with an efficient tool for exporting their pstest tables to Excel, Word, LaTeX, or HTML formats.

asdocx currently supports only the basic table for pstest.

The syntax for pstest is simple:

asdocx pstest, replace title(Table title)

Before running this code, it is necessary to execute the psmatch2 command.

asdocx default summary statistics Example

 * Get example dataset
webuse cattaneo2, clear
‏‏‎ ‎
* Run psmatch2
qui psmatch2 mbsmoke foreign alcohol mage medu fage fedu, ///
out(bweight) logit n(5) ai(5) ate common
‏‏‎ ‎
* Export the pstest results with asdocx

asdocx pstest, replace title(Table title)

Export pstest results to Word Excel from Stata-png

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