HTML files with asdocx

To create HTML files with asdocx, we need to change the file extension to .html in the save() option. Since the save() option is sticky, we do not have to write it in the subsequent runs of asdocx. The HTML tables and text follow the same generic syntax of asdocx. You may explore the asdocx examples tab from the left menu to see how different types of tables can be created with asdocx. Similarly, if you want to add text / paragraphs to the HTML document, follow this link for knowing different options. As a matter of fact, all tables on this page and elsewhere on this website are created with asdocx.

In this post, I am going to create an HTML report that contains text and tables. I am also going to show how Stata and asdocx commands can be highlighted just like syntax highlighting feature in a text editor. Table and syntax formatting are controlled with a asdocx.css file, that can be downloaded from here.

  1. Base case: Table of summary statistics

Add asdocx as a prefix to Stata command and add .html to the file name inside the save() option. Let’s create a file of basic summary statistics and create Report.html file. Option replace will replace any existing file with this name. If option replace is not used, a new table is added to the given file if the file already exists.

* Load example data 
  sysuse auto, clear 

  asdocx sum, save(Report.html) replace
Descriptive Statistics
Variable Obs Mean Std. Dev. Min Max
price 74 6165.257 2949.496 3291 15906
mpg 74 21.297 5.786 12 41
rep78 69 3.406 0.99 1 5
headroom 74 2.993 0.846 1.5 5
trunk 74 13.757 4.277 5 23
weight 74 3019.459 777.194 1760 4840
length 74 187.932 22.266 142 233
turn 74 39.649 4.399 31 51
displacement 74 197.297 91.837 79 425
gear_ratio 74 3.015 0.456 2.19 3.89
foreign 74 0.297 0.46 0 1