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  • Jessica L
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    I recently switched from a Macbook to PC, and installed Stata SE 17.0 (same license). Based on the asdocx FAQs, I just input the command to install asdocx on my PC without apparent issue. However, when I try to run the following regression command with asdocx, I keep getting an error that I haven’t seen before:

    COMMAND (run from do file):
    *** TABLE 2
    ** Model1
    asdocx logit defund1 male age b(#2).degree inc1 i.marital4 parent b3.relid6 i.bible1 attend if missflag==0, ///
    reset nest label eform setstars(***@.001, **@.01, *@.05) noci dec(3) table_layout(autofit) cnames(SES) title(“Table 2”) save(defund_logit_072222.docx) replace

    _fopen(): 3602 invalid filename
    fileexists(): – function returned error
    license_handler(): – function returned error
    get_file_and_folder(): – function returned error
    <istmt>: – function returned error

    This happens whether I specify a filename in the command or not. Any help understanding this error would be greatly appreciated!

    Attaullah Shah
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    Hello Jessica
    asdocx license is machine-specific. The license works only on a PC/Mac for which the license was generated. The license is based on the information generated by the aslic program. Since, you have shifted to a new PC, you need a new license. As per FAQs, license works fine if you re-install your operating system or move to a new version of Stata. As a goodwill gesture, I shall create a new license for your new PC. Please install aslic and run it.

    net install aslic, from( 

    It will generate few lines on the Stata screen, email those lines to me.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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