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  • Isabel Krakoff
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    Hi Professor,

    I am running multilevel models and the output is great, however; I can’t find a way to also export the information from the random effects parameters table that comes after the main regression table. This is the code I am running for the main regression table (it is nested with 2 other versions of this same code):

    asdocx mixed NPartTrustScore v2x_polyarchy gender X003 university X047R_combo E023 F034 ///
    exclpop v2svstterr WDIGDPpcLN WDIgrowth gini_disp_mean v2x_corr statehistn00v3 || Country:, cov(un) ///
    replace save(Tables/NPconnested_update) dec(3) fs(11) nest landscape table_layout(autofit) ///
    cnames(Base) label

    Attaullah Shah
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    I quickly checked the help file of mixed and did not find any stored results for the random effects parameters. If this is the case, it is hard to report them using asdocx.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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