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  • Kevin Blaine
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    Hi Dr. Shah — I’m trying to write results to multiple documents simultaneously to improve efficiency. Is that functionality available?

    Here’s a snippet of the code showing what I’m hoping to do:

    	global text "asdocx, save("Abstract Results Draft") text("
    	asdocx collect on
    	asdocx, text(Results Section) save("Abstract Results Draft") title replace
    	tab approach_ablation, matcell(approach)
    	local n_ra = approach[1,1]
    	local n_ts = approach[2,1]
    	local percent_ra = round(`n_ra'/r(N)*100,.1)
    	local percent_ts = round(100-`percent_ra',1)
            $text   Transseptal puncture was performed in `n_ra' (`percent_ra'%), and 
            $text   transaortic catheterization was performed in `n_ts' (`percent_ts'%). 
           asdocx tab flu approach_ablation, chi save(Abstract Tables) replace column matcell(flu) tzok dec(2) title(\i)
    	local y_ra = flu[2,1]
    	local n_ra = flu[1,1]
    	local y_ts = flu[2,2]
    	local n_ts = flu[1,2]
    	local y_flu = `y_ra'+`y_ts'
    	local y_flu_per = round(`y_flu'/(`y_flu'+`n_ra'+`n_ts')*100,.1)
    	local y_per_ra = round(`y_ra'/`y_flu'*100,.1)
    	local y_per_ts = round(`y_ts'/`y_flu'*100.1)
    	loca pval = round(r(p),.100)
           $text   Overall, fluoroscopy was necessary for `y_flu' procedures (`y_flu_per'%), 
           $text   with fluoroscopy being required significantly more among TS patients 
           $text   compared to RA (`y_per_ts'% vs`y_per_ra'%, p<`pva;')
    Kevin Blaine
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    Also, because I have a feeling I’ll be using this forum regularly, what is the markdown syntax for code blocks here?

    Attaullah Shah
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    asdocx keeps backup of all the files it creates. These backups can be used to re-generate Excel, Word, Html, or Latex files. If you are writing to two files at the same time, you need to just remember the files names. Once they are ready for export, supply the file name in the save() option. In your case, you can export the two files with:

    asdocx export, save(Abstract Results Draft)
    asdocx export, save(Abstract Tables)
    Attaullah Shah
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    You can enter Stata codes and output inside the <pre> </pre> tags, e.g., <pre> some Stata code here </pre> This will appear as:

    some Stata code here

    Please also note that html converts the Stata’s local macro symbol ` to code, therefore, you need to use the html escape sequence of &grave; instead of ` You can also write it as &#96; instead of &grave;.

    Kevin Blaine
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    There it is — that’s what I was looking for, on both counts! THANK YOU!

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