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  • Aduba Joseph
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    Could you let asdocx automatically add table foot note like robust standard errors in parentheses, *** sig @, ** sig@, or pickup Stata post estimation footnote? asdoc does this and its very easygoing as we don’t have to repeat writing the footnote or even adding too many options to the do file program.

    Dr. Attaullah Shah
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    Hello Aduba Joseph

    * asdocx: June 19, 2021: Version 1.6.6

    I have added notes to nested regression. Nested regression now automatically reports notes in the table footer concerning either standard errors, robust standard errors, t-values or p-values, as the case may be. To get the updated version, type:


    In addition to the default notes, if you want to append additional notes, you can use the notes(text) option. For example,

    asdocx reg price mpg trunk, robust nest notes(The data source is auto.dta dataset)
    Aduba Joseph
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    Thanks for the hard work you are doing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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