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    Good morning, first I apologize for my elementary post. I have been working with asdoc and asdocx for only a short time and this is my first post.

    I want to create a table for several variable i.e. Face Value, Spread, Monthly Return, Effec Bid-ask, where I report the mean (for Fannie Mae in one col), mean for Freddie Mac in one col, the unequal t-test value, the p-value for that test, the wilcox rank sum, and the results from the median test. showing the p-values and significance *****. I didn’t see an upload option so I will show you what I would like the output to look like.

    Variable Fannie Freddie t-test t-test Wilcox Rank Sum Median Test
    Mean Mean t-stat p-value p-value p-value
    Bond Maturity

    Monthly Return
    Rolls Liquidity
    MBS Index

    If possible add significance ***

    I was able to generate the t-test portion, however the output didn’t group by issuer it showed Fannie count, Freddie Count, Fannie Mean, Freddie Mean, difference, st. error, t-value, p-value. How can I reformat the output and add the Wilcox Rank sum and the Median tests, the non-parametric tests.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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