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  • Jens
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    I noticed that the percent is calculated upon the total and not upon the column. For example: rTPA 46 (24.21%), this percentage is calculated upon 191 and not upon 154. It would have been better if it had given the column percentage such as: 46 (29.87%).

    Dr. Attaullah Shah
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    Hello Prof

    I have now added option cell, row, and col to control the choice of percentages based on total, column and row totals.

    Example 1: Report cell percentages
    The following two commands are identical as option cell is the default option for reporting cell percenatages.

    asdocx tab vision denied , template(table1) replace
    asdocx tab vision denied , cell template(table1) replace

    Example 2: Report column percentages

    asdocx tab vision denied , col template(table1) replace

    Example 3: Report row percentages

    asdocx tab vision denied , row template(table1) replace
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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