Dr. Attaullah Shah
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I have updated asdocx and have added option autoto the table_layout. First update asdocx.


Table layout :  auto, autofit , fixed


means the width is the same for all columns in the table. It is similar to the ‘Fixed-Column Width‘ in MS Word.


When auto is specified, the column width automatically resizes to fit the window. It is similar to ‘AutoFit-Window‘ in MS Word


When autofit is specified, the table width is determined by the overall table layout algorithm, which automatically resizes the column width to fit the contents.  In MS Word parlance, it is similar to ‘AutoFit-Contents‘ .

The default is layout(fixed). To set table layout to auto permanently , change the following line in the asdocx_defaults.do file from

global table_layout "fixed"


global table_layout "auto"

If you want to change it just for a specific table or in the current Stata session, then use the option table_layout(auto)

asdocx sum AD TD ED FD ta, detail replace table_layout(auto) fs(10)

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