Kevin Blaine
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Hi Dr. Shah — I’m finding that the text directors are inconsistent in flexmat. Sometimes they work, other times they don’t. For example, in the code below, using \b and \i, \b works in Line 5, but nowhere else. And \i doesn’t work at all. Any ideas?

local r = 1
asdocx setfile, save(Table1)
flexmat reset 
flexmat addrow, data(\b Day,\b Sample Size,\b Needed At Least 1 Medication) r(`r')
flexmat addrow, data(\b Day 1, , ) r(`++r') emptyok
flexmat addrow, data(\indent_4 \i WEBTips, 250 (50%),137 (54.8%)) r(`++r')
flexmat addrow, data(\indent_4 \i WEBInfo, 250 (50%),154 (61.6%)) r(`++r')