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Kevin Blaine
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Hi there — this is from the help file:

missings report issues a report on the number of missing values in varlist. By default, counts of missings are given by variables;
    optionally, counts are given by observations.

 observations (missings report) indicates counting of missing values by observations, not the default of counting by variables.
 identify(varlist) or identify(varname) (missings report, missings list, and missings table) insists on showing varlist or varname in
        the display of results.  This can be especially useful to show (for example) identifier variables, which typically will not be
        missing, or key categorical variables such as education or gender.  With missings report, observations and missings list, varlist
        is included in the list results.  With missings table, varname is used to produce a two-way table in contrast to a one-way table;
        two or more variables may not be specified.

So, the code I’ve used is:

missings report [variable of interest], obs identify(studyid)

Seems to work well without the asdocx prefix.