Kevin Blaine
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Thank you! I’ve also discovered another bug, though it might be a feature.

I’m looping over variables to create a “First Look” document, where each variable has its basic information included above its simple TAB. My code is in the following loop:

	asdocx collect on
	asdocx, text(This is the beginning of the document.) save("First Look") replace

	foreach var of varlist * {
		collect: asdocx describe 

var’, det
collect: asdocx tab var', lab dec(1) tzoc title("VARIABLE:var'”) mi
asdocx export
asdocx collect off
However, there’s an error on the “describe” command; the “detail” option is not allowed. When the “detail” option is removed, asdocx treats the “describe” command as if being applied to all variables. It seems to ignore the [variable] specifier in the original “describe” command.

I’ve tried to find a way around this issue by looking for some sort of community-contributed program that stores variable descriptives (type, etc) in a macro, but I can’t find anything. Is this something to be fixed or is this how it is intended to function?