Dr. Attaullah Shah
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All commands related to row() are deprecated in asdocx. They are replaced with the flexmat suit of commands. flexmat is part of asdocx package, and is already installed on your system. See resources related to flexmat here.

Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzTlpMF4dZI

Post: Introduction to flexmat:
Using flexmat inside asdocx

The example you have quoted above can be easily implemented using flexmat.

flexmat reset
flexmat addrow, data(\i, \i, invest, \i, \i, kstock,\i) row(1) col(1)
flexmat addrow, data( Periods, N, Mean, SD, N, Mean, SD) row(2) col(1)

webuse grunfeld, clear
sum invest if inrange(year , 1935, 1945)
flexmat addrow, data(1935-1945, r(N)' ,r(mean)', `r(sd)') row(3) col(1) dec(3)

sum kstock if inrange(year , 1935, 1945)
flexmat addrow, data(`r(N)' ,r(mean)', `r(sd)') row(3) col(5) dec(3)

asdocx exportflex

Yes, the help needs to be updated.