Aduba Joseph
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I face this problem almost all the time, especially at the most crucial time. And it is very embarrassing because once it starts, it stalls everything for the rest of the day and there is absolutely nothing one can do to correct it. Nother matter how many times you update the application, it doesn’t solve it. And should you return to the original “asdoc” the same problem will occur. Is there no way this can be permanently fixed? What can we do so we have don’t have to face this problem at all. It is disabling because am in an urgent situation where I need to bundle my nested regression table for a report and it suddenly stops working. I never had this problem when I was using “asdoc” alone with stata 14.2. Could it be that both asdoc and asdocx are having code-sharing problems or its a problem of stata 16 and 17 compatibility issues with asdoc and asdocx. Please, carefully look into this and help us deal with it once and for all.