Rune Lomholt
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I have found this community contributed command
ssc desc fre
Which allows what I am looking for, when using the code fre var, all include(1 2 3 4) novalue nomissing. Looks like this:

	        Freq.	Percent	Cum.
Slet ikke	0	0.00	0.00
I lav grad	0	0.00	0.00
Hverken/eller	1	6.25	6.25
I nogen grad	2	12.50	18.75
I høj grad	13	81.25	100.00
Total	        16	100.00	          

Maybe this could be supported by asdocx? Either by supporting this command or extending the capabilities of asdocx with the regular tab command?
I now it might sounds odd wanting to report empty categories, since they do not exist in a statistical sense.
But I use these command for making descriptive statistics reports were people who don’t know a first thing about statistics has to read frequency tables, and they always ask “why is the scale different in this item?” which is really annoying. Therfore, i prefer just to include empty categories to make it transparent.

Thank you for reading this post!