Export tabdisp table from Stata to Excel, Word

The command tabdisp is used to display data in a table format. It can accept up to three variables after the command name, with the first variable determining the rows of the table, the second variable determining the columns, and the third variable determining the super-columns. One required option for tabdisp is the cellvar() option. This option specifies the numeric or string variables containing the values that should be displayed in the table’s cells. A maximum of five variable names can be specified for this option.

* Load example data
use http://www.stata-press.com/data/r13/tabdxmpl3, clear

* add asdocx as a prefix to tabdisp
asdocx tabdisp agecat sex party, c(reaction) replace
Tabulation of agecat sex party
Party Affiliation and Sex
Democrat Republican
Age category Female Male Female Male
Old Favor Favor Indifferent Strongly Favor
Young Strongly Favor Indifferent Disfavor Disfavor


Export Summary statistics from stata to Word Excel Export group statistics with tabdisp

tabidsp is quite useful when you want to present summary statistics at the intersection of row and column variables. To show an example, the following code loads the nlsw88 dataset using the sysuse command. Then, the collapse command computes the mean of two variables, ttl_exp (total experience) and tenure, by the intersection of two categorical variables, industry and race. The resultant summary statistics table is then exported to a .docx file using the asdocx command. Specifically, the tabdisp option displays the table of mean values of ttl_exp and tenure for each combination of industry and race. The replace option removes any existing files if a .docx file with the specified name already exists.

* Load nlsw88 data from the Stata installed datasets
sysuse nlsw88

* Collapse the data to find mean of ttl_exp and tenure by industry and race

collapse (mean) ttl_exp tenure , by(industry race )

* Export the summary statistics using asdocx tabdisp

asdocx tabdisp industry race , c(ttl_exp tenure ) replace

group statistics by tabdisp asdocx Stata export


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